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From what we have managed to find from old archives, it seems that RAF Siggiewi was originally built along with Benghajsa on or about the1st of May 1919 when the first shore-based radio communication with the UK from Malta was set up at Rinella. Contrary to some views, there never was a runway attached to Siggiewi, and I believe that some of the confusion could be over Qrendi which is nearby. As a signals centre it was an important link in the chain of radio stations stretching from the UK to the Far East, with RAF Habbaniya (Iraq) being the next major station on the "net". Like many of the military installations on Malta, the main complex (operations centre) was mostly underground and as mentioned previously, there was a satellite HF/DF station within walking distance of the camp, located on the road heading out toward Siggiewi. This came under the command and control of Luqa and was one of the many HF/DF stations (call sign MT) ranged throughout the Middle-East. El-Adem, (Libya) and Abu Sueir, (Egypt) were part of the original chain.

The photograph below was taken from a helicopter in 1959 and clearly shows the camp pretty much the way it is today, with the tennis courts behind the main barrack block and the single floor building housing the NAAFI and men's mess, with rec; facilities. The 7 Quonset/Nissan huts on the right of this picture and the guard room have since been removed, so have the two huts at the end of the Barrack block. This location is now used by the Maltese police and for several reasons, casual visitors are not invited. I am pleased to say that the rumour about the camp being demolished to make way for a new Police Academy is incorrect. Only a few minor buildings toward the back of the camp are being pulled down, while the main section will remain in place as it has been designated as a "Heritage site". Click here to read the attached PDF with information and pictures of the planned construction for Siggiewi and the Police Academy

Please click here to view the long awaited PDF report on RAF Siggiewi as it is today and its plans for the future. Thanks go to Ian Armstrong who was on the island in March 2012 and created this report along with photos and a very special thanks goes to Sgt Oliver Cassar of the Maltese Police and senior members of the Maltese Police Force, who without their kind assistance and authorization this report could not be published.

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RAF Siggiewi (840 SU) Malta sometime around 1959

A sons photographic dedication to his Dad. Joe Porter RAF (3-1-1957 to 2-1-1969)

Martin Porter, who resides in Australia sent us this link with photo's of his father (Joe) who served with the RAF on Malta, please click on the link and see the photos he sent. Also if any of our readers knew him, please let us know, Martin would be interested in hearing from you.

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Remember when:- There were buses at the Castille Square? You can see the Barraka Gardens lift on the right hand side.

Well the search is finally over about whether the HF/DF hut survived or not and here it in its current state. The door is to the right. Not sure when the building
was put into service, but I would guess that it is at least 70 years old. Unfortunately
the present owner wouldn't allow the photographer inside the building,
so we have no idea what it is used for other than it looks like a very large "Moonshine" still.

Original building in the mid-1950's


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The end of an era 1979
This is the "skeleton crew" who did the final downsizing/closure (1979) of RAF (840) Signals Unit Siggiewi.

2nd row, fourth man in from the right is Roger Davies-Barrett
who supplied the photo. Mr. Tonna is seated front row, right hand side.


The final lowering of the flag




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